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Ayune m. namur

Ayune Maisano Namur is an Italy-based artist working with art engraving (xylography, chalcography and lithography), photography and video, she is a freelance curator, graduated from UNICAMP (Brazil) in Art Education and BRERA (Italy) in Art Graphics. She also specializes in cultural management and audiovisual techniques. 

Her work explores nature, belonging, memory, and the environment. It has been included in in numerous exhibitions throughout Brazil, Italy and France.

The short fiction film “Root” won the best film award at the Film Work Film Festival in 2014 and was shown at some festivals in Brazil. As well as other short films in which the artist participated as producer or art director. She did tree solo exhibition in Brazil, where he won an artistic circulation call in 2017. Ayune is one of the winners of the Paris Art Expo Award 2021. 

Ayune is a polyhedral artist, who has more than ten years of experience in the educational, cultural and artistic areas. She taught art in high school and in projects with minors at social risk in Brazil, in the audiovisual field she has worked in many different projects including fiction, docs, advertising, storytelling, video courses, interviews and events. As a curator she works mainly in Venice and collaborates with the Venice Art and Design Association.

Exhibitions she participated:

  • 2010 - Gramatura 32 - Campinas Museum of Contemporary Art - (collective exhibition) - Campinas, São Paulo – Brazil

  • 2017 – Walking on the World - Jequié Cultural Center - (solo exhibition) - Jequié, Bahia – Brazil

  • 2017 - Walking on the World - Ilhéus Municipal Theater - (solo exhibition) - Ilhéus, Bahia – Brazil

  • 2017 - Walking on the World - Cultural Center The House of Music - solo exhibition) - Salvador, Bahia – Brazil

  • 2018 - Eixo 45 - Ilhéus Popular Theater - (collective exhibition) Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil

  • 2018 - Between the Pants - Armonds Gallery - ( collective exhibition) - Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil

  • 2020 - Silent Space (Spazialità Silenziose) - Santa Eufemia Gallery - (collective exhibition) - Venice, Italy

  • 2020 - Paris Art Expo - Thuillier Gallery - (collective exhibition) - Paris, France

Exhibition she curated:

  • 2021 - Wonderland - Santa Eufemia Gallery

  • 2021 - Emerald - Santa Eufemia Gallery

  • 2024 - Untouchable - Lo Verso Studio (work in progress)

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